Women tolerate IVF with stimulation variously: the reaction depends on their health state, particular qualities of the body, sensitivity to drugs. This is the reasons to undergo an examination before the start of the cycle and discuss its results with a physician. To increase the chances of a success, you must adhere to the recommendations made by specialists before the start of the program and until its completion:

  • Avoid taking any medications prescribed by other doctors
  • Reduce the intake of coffee and other caffeinated beverages to 1-2 cups per day
  • Do not change your diet and in any case do not go on a weight-loss diet
  • Stop alcohol use and break bad habits
  • Do not use steam room and sauna; hot baths are also better not to take
  • Take care of your health: do not overcool, try not to communicate with people who have infectious and other diseases

Withholding sexual intimacy is not necessary. 4 days before the puncture of the follicles, it is better not to have sex: the period of withholding should last until pregnancy is confirmed


A week before the first day of your period, you need to visit the attending physician and undergo a pelvic ultrasound. If your reproductive system is healthy, doctor prescribes hormone medicines and gives detailed instructions for their use, as well as recommendations related to pattern of life, which should be followed. At the next visit, you must have on hand a list of appointments: it contains comprehensive information about the medicines and their dosages.

The prescribed drugs stimulate the ovaries, thereby several follicles are developed. This increases the chances of conceiving; therefore, IVF with hormonal stimulation is indicated when natural ovulation does not ensure oocyte maturation. Depending on the patient’s state, different protocols (programs for drug administration) may be prescribed: for example, mild stimulation IVF.

When the eggs become matured, they are taken for fertilization. Stimulation IVF may cause different feelings, and you should not defer to someone experience. Be sure to tell your doctor if you feel pain and fever, or nausea and vomiting occur during IVF stimulation.

The list of services included in program Number
1 Fertility specialist consultation (examination, ultrasound study) 5
2 Transvaginal follicle puncture 1
3 Embryo culture 1
4 Embryo transfer/cryopreservation (vitrification) (up to 4 embryos) 1
5 Intravenous anesthesia 1
6 Delivery of health-care services in a day-patient ward 2
7 Sperm preparation 1
8 Female hormone blood tests (up to 4) 4

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