Ozkan Oktay

Embryologist, biologist
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International level expert.


Semen analysis and processing (Swim Up & Gradient techniques)

  • Semen analysis with morphology examination (Krueger strict criteria)
  • Semen freezing and warming procedures
  • Performing the embryological stage of surgical spermatozoid extraction (TESA, TESE, PESA)
  • Ovarian puncture
  • Oocytes denudation (enzymatic and mechanical)
  • AHA (laser assisted hatching)
  • Embryo culture, development and monitoring
  • Embryo transfer
  • Embryo cryopreservation and warming: Vitrification
  • Trophectoderm biopsy


2008-2012 Mugla Sykti Kochman University, Turkey. Biology department (Bachelor degree)

2004-2007 Beshiktash college, Turkey

professional experience

2013 –2017 Adjibadem Maslac clinic, ART and reproductive genetics department, laboratory of andrology and embryology, Istanbul, Turkey

2017-2018 Istanbul tüp bebek ve kadın sağlığı merkezi clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

2019 – present time, embryologist at REMEDI. Institute of Reproductive Medicine

additional education

  • Acibadem Healthcare Group IVF & Obstetric Symposium, Hands-on Workshop
    • on IMSI and Embryo Freezing Thawing Workshop , 2014
    • Acibadem Healthcare Group IVF & Obstetric Symposium, Hands-on Workshop
    on Routine semen analysis and sperm preparation (swim up&Gradient technique) Workshop , 2015
    • Acibadem Healthcare Group IVF & Obstetric Symposium, 2016
    • İstanbul Tup Bebek, Hands-on Workshop Oocyte/Embryo Freezing Thawing KİTAZATO/IRVINE/CRYOTECH ,2017-2018
    • Biannual Congress of the Turkish Society of Reproductive Medicine (TSRM), 2018

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